What Chiropractors Do

Chiropractic care is the art of adjusting the spine and extremities to decrease pressure bestowed upon those structures. As we live and function, we perform activities that stress our joints, thus potentially predisposing our bodies to injury. Chiropractors manually treat joints and restore function to muscles in order to prevent injury.


Chiropractors are doctors that have special training to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries throughout the body. Chiropractic care is for patients who are in acute pain, or suffering with chronic pain. There are a plethora of ways to address joint motion without manual manipulation. We focus on our patient’s comfort level and provide challenging care based upon that level. We are able to use low force adjusting methods for patients that are not comfortable with traditional manipulations.


While we do hear of occasional miracle stories of chiropractic care healing patients within one treatment, that is incredibly rare. At Praxis, we follow parameters of clinical based research treatment plans to eliminate pain and restore function.


Chiropractic Care